Live BDC provides Business Development Center Website hosting, Social media ads for Facebook Instagram and Youtube, Digital advertising and retailing, Google Ads, Text blast for active and lost leads, Text services for post sales and service for review management.

Our creative and passionate team delivers the results you want for your dealership. Our company is focused on providing Business Development center, managed live chat service and developing digital success by creating customized websites, digital marketing campaigns, and automotive directory platforms that have the ultimate goal of attracting customers to your business. We develop, design, and manage websites, create social media ads, optimize your content for better search engine results, and ultimately make your business’s success our success story.


Business Development Center

The demand for a BDC in the current digital automotive climate cannot be ignored. We will provide new leads follow through, KBB – buy center, agent service to schedule routine maintenance, agent service to schedule warranty work, and agent service to schedule recall work.

Social Media Ads for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

We take advertising to a new level, letting shoppers reach in your area with inventory ads that are created and served in the Newsfeed or Story. Retarget shoppers that have visited your website or target new, in-market shoppers, driving them directly to your VDPs.

Digital Advertising and Retailing Service

Promote your inventory and services by delivering cost-efficient and attractive digital ads to potential buyers wherever they browse online, influencing their decisions throughout their path to purchase.

Google Ads

With little real-estate available on the first few pages of google search engines, and consumers who cannot wait for information about your vehicles and dealership services, it’s important to advertise with precision. We make sure you have this win, maximizing by capabilities and integrations available through Live BDC.

Website Hosting

We provide web hosting service to Automotive and PowerSports industries.

Text Blast for Active and Lost Leads

One powerful service to text with your customers. Centrally manage all SMS conversations between your customers, ensuring you maximize lead conversions in your dealership.

Text Service for Post-Sales and Review

A requirement to maintain customer loyalty and ensure a positive word of mouth, our text services maintain contact to better relationships between customers and you and polish your dealership services via our service review system.